Welcome to the home of All-Terrain Paintball, Inc.   We also specialize in Bachelor Parties. 

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Centrally located between and about a half hour drive from: Detroit Lakes, Perham, Wadena and Park Rapids

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Directions to our field (Note: You will have to zoom out to view the map completely)


Here at All-Terrain Paintball, Inc., we offer several varieties of play to suit everyone's tastes and desire. We have a large woodsball course, a seasonal cornmaze offering close play and a large speedball field which can support large teams for fast and furious play. We also have remote insurance and can host parties away from our home at yours. Remember - "All-Terrain Paintball, Inc., 'Our Place or Yours!'"

Want to read what other paintball players say about our field, go to pbreview.com and find out. The reviews are by unbiased, first time players at the field. If you like what you've read, we encourage you to come and join us on the field.

The woods are all natural, no changes have really been made to them. Players can play in a small area of woods or we can expand the boundaries for a large group of players. We have plenty of deadfall, ravines and hills to hide and strategize around and behind. A large shallow pond on the western edge of the playing field usually always guarantees some pretty intense play as many trees have fallen around it, making for a very tough spot to play against.

Play styles in the woods include Capture the Flag, Center Flag (where two teams compete for one flag in the center of the woods) and Team Elimination.

The Cornmaze, the newest addition to our games' lineup, is a unique and interesting style of play. A maze is cut into a field of corn, and as soon as the corn is tall enough players are unleashed against each other inside.

Games we play are Team Elimination, Elimination and Rogue (where two teams compete against each other, but one rogue player goes inside to play against both).

Speedball is an intense, fast paced and frantic game of paintball. Teams start on opposing sides of an open field and compete to win bunkers and obstacles to hide behind and control key parts of the playing field. Speed and teamwork are key and those who can control at least 50 percent of the field have the advantage...

Don't like the types of games played above? Not one for the kind of rulesets we have? Come with your own ideas. We here at ATP are always open to new ideas to incorporate into our playing experience. Ask us if you have an idea and we will try to find a way to make your ideas playable and enjoyable.